super smash cake


the first boy i remember having a crush on was marth, one of the characters from super smash bros. then it was link, another character from the game. i definitely had (have) a thing for animated boys with swoopy hair and swords.

when it came to actually playing, i always chose pikachu because i thought (he? she?) had the coolest final smash (volt tackle!!!!!). and such cute red cheeks. might’ve had a slight rodent fetish as well. here’s a fun anecdote: i once won a poetry competition with a haiku called ‘rodents.’

dig out your old copies of brawl and melee and play some super smash bros, then dig out some old frozen cake scraps and make this super smash CAKE. use whatever you have on hand. from bottom to top, my layers are: chocolate malt, pink champagne, dark chocolate, honey, and pink lemonade. bind them together with a basic buttercream like vanilla or cream cheese.

assemble following these instructions!

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