chocolate lemon smash cake


smash cakes are endlessly beneficial. they provide an incentive for deep-cleaning your freezer. they spawn exotic flavor combinations. packing together bits of cake is therapeutic (i find it to be a good way to channel anger or frustration). peeling off the acetate at the end is extremely satisfying; it reveals a creation that is messy and cobbled while being perfectly preserved in its cylindric form.

the cake pictured above is pretty basic (leftover chocolate and pink lemonade cakes filled with vanilla frosting), but feel free to get inventive with flavors, fillings, and mix-ins (citrus curd, ganache, chopped up candy, etc.).

you’ll need a 6-inch cake ring and a 6×20 inch strip of acetate. if you don’t want to buy these, another easy way to use up cake scraps and frosting is to make cake pops.


  • leftover cake scraps
  • leftover frosting
  • desired mix-ins

place the cake ring on a baking sheet. put a cardboard circle or cake board in the bottom, then line the ring with the strip of acetate. smash cake scraps tightly into the ring to form a layer. use the back of a spoon to spread on frosting. add mix-ins, if desired. repeat until you run out of cake or frosting. freeze for at least 12 hours; let come to room temperature before serving (it should stay together if you pack the scraps tightly enough!).

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