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    1. Olivia, you know that word should be “you’re” and not “your!!!” I still love ya though!

  1. Hey I really enjoyed your blog. I’m going to Carolina on my plate session 2 next week and can’t wait. Looking forward to trying your pumpkin oatmeal

  2. Hello! I love your blog. Your recipes look amazing and I’m so excited to try some of them!

    By the way… how on Earth did you manage to last this long without bread?! This is my second Passover attempting to not eat anything that rises but with the rest of my family eating bread, I’m failing miserably! Looking forward to see some of your other recipes and hope you enjoy some of mine… Have a wonderful day.

  3. Hey Lena! I was looking at the food critic page you did for the newspaper in my classroom and it prompted me to look at your blog. I love that you are still doing this. You are awesome!!! There is one little thing……Why aren’t you writing in complete sentences!!!!! Love ya!

    1. Hahaha! I loved when we made that newspaper. I’m on the Pirates’ Hook newspaper staff at RHS and I’m always trying to get our teacher to let me write a restaurant column. (P.S. in high school they don’t make you write in complete sentences !!!)

      1. WHAT!!!! You are killing me!!! I definitely think you should be allowed to do a restaurant column. I know the students and teachers would enjoy it. I am so very proud of you! Have a great summer.

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