gingerbread diner

Tehila and I like diners.

2014-12-06 -- gingerbread  003

Characterized by rows of booths and floor-mounted stools, personable wait staff, and a wide variety of comfort food, just thinking about diners triggers a certain, incomparable sentiment in both Tehila and me.

2014-12-06 -- gingerbread  012

Because of the template we used, the structure does look quite house-like, but the prominent D-I-N-E-R cutouts elucidate its identify.

2014-12-06 -- gingerbread  021

M&Ms, Mike and Ikes, Rip Whips (some licorice-type candy) cinnamon nonpareils, and mini candy canes are among the adornments we used, but there aren’t any limits. You could use sprigs of rosemary as little trees for a more natural look, or you could go candy-less and pipe on elegant swags and drop strings. P.S. do you see my polar bear pants??

2014-12-06 -- gingerbread  0182014-12-06 -- gingerbread  0132014-12-06 -- gingerbread  0092014-12-06 -- gingerbread  011

Tikkido’s ‘White House Gingerbread’ recipe and Alton’s royal icing worked super well! My NUMBER ONE TIP is to cut around the template again right after the still-malleable cookies come out of the oven. They will have spread out while baking, so if you don’t trim the edges, they won’t fit together when it’s time to assemble the house/diner/etc.

2014-12-06 -- gingerbread  023 2014-12-06 -- gingerbread  025

Make gingerbread men and christmas trees with the extra dough.

2014-12-06 -- gingerbread  024

D is for diner! I love the way this turned out; the angled-in sides are whimsical, the powdered sugar snow is realistically messy, and the whole thing is 100% edible (and tasty) (and sickeningly sweet).

2014-12-06 -- gingerbread  005

Hang up some twinkly lights, make this baked brie with blackberry compote, turn up the Dean Martin Christmas music, and invite friends over for a DIY gingerbread soirée!!

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