avocado hummus



makes one serving


It’s spring!


Warm weather makes us do crazy things like combine hummus and avocado and lemon juice. It’s messy. Deal with it.



No food processor necessary!


I cheated a bit given that I used pre-made hummus and crackers but sometimes you just gotta 


not finish your sentence and put a picture of lemon zest instead!



  • heaping spoonful of hummus
  • half an avocado, cubed
  • squeeze of lemon
  • sea salt and black pepper
  • multi-grain crackers
  • diced tomatoes, cilantro, lemon zest, etc.

Combine first four ingredients and mash together with the back of a spoon until the desired consistency is reached. Spread generously onto a cracker and garnish with tomatoes, cilantro, or whatever you can find in your vegetable drawer!





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