chipotle chicken tacos

chipotle chicken tacos

last weekend, i baked a bunch of brownies, cookies, and cupcakes and sold them at the farmer's market with my fellow members of riverside democrats (our school's democrat club) to raise money for planned parenthood. we didn't expect to make much money, but we ended up raising over $250! after spending most of my time in high [...]

happy friday!

I'm starting to recline into the warm arms of the holiday season. I had a very busy week, but I still managed to find time to make make pumpkin pie bars, M&M brownies, and soft-baked chocolate chip cookies.  A lot happened this week! Put on a fuzzy robe, make yourself some scrambled eggs on a [...]

avocado hummus

  makes one servingIt's spring!Warm weather makes us do crazy things like combine hummus and avocado and lemon juice. It's messy. Deal with it. No food processor necessary!I cheated a bit given that I used pre-made hummus and crackers but sometimes you just gotta not finish your sentence and put a picture of lemon zest instead!anywayIngredientsheaping spoonful of [...]

open-faced chicken and sweet potato sandwich

makes two open-faced sandwichesI discovered this sandwich one night when we were having each of the separate components for dinner. Grilled chicken, hand-cut sweet potato fries with honey mustard dipping sauce, biscuits, and salad. I decided to shove everything onto a biscuit because..what's the worst that could happen? Surprisingly, every flavor was complimentary to the [...]