tiny toasts

tiny toasts

it's so hard to think about college when all i want to do is open a sandwich shop! it would be a bakery too, of course — i'm thinking "pastries and paninis" will be the tagline — but mainly sandwiches. i'm sure it'll happen some day. this fantasy sandwich shop definitely caters as well. weddings, bat [...]

smoked salmon salad on pumpernickel

Us Jews like our smoked salmon. Broil and flake a fillet.. Throw in some herbs, veggies, lox, and mayo.. Spread it on toasted pumpernickel with cream cheese.. Also take lots of selfies.makes 2 servings adapted from realsimple.comIngredients4 oz fillet of skinless salmon2 tbs mayonnaise 2 oz chopped smoked salmon1 tbs chopped capers1 tbs chopped chives1 stalk of celery, choppeda couple grinds [...]

chicken and roasted brussels sprouts panini with shaved parmesan and caramelized onions

makes 4 panini  What do you think of when you hear "brussels sprouts?" If limp, grayish-green, over boiled mini cabbages come to mind, then your world is about to change. Roasting this universally hated vegetable gives them a kick that will make you buy them by the barrel. This panini was discovered by taking everything [...]

open-faced chicken and sweet potato sandwich

makes two open-faced sandwichesI discovered this sandwich one night when we were having each of the separate components for dinner. Grilled chicken, hand-cut sweet potato fries with honey mustard dipping sauce, biscuits, and salad. I decided to shove everything onto a biscuit because..what's the worst that could happen? Surprisingly, every flavor was complimentary to the [...]