petit prince petit four


i played the desert flower (not the rose!) in a production of the little prince during my freshman year of high school. these were my lines:

desert flower: good morning.

pilot: where are the men?

desert flower: men? i think there are six or seven of them in existence. i saw them, several years ago. but one never knows where to find them.

pilot: goodbye.

desert flower: goodbye.

isn’t that great with no context? six or seven in existence . . . must be nice. it was definitely the most minor role in the play, but i got to act mysterious and wear a pretty dress and drift around the stage so i was happy.

the little prince manages to be relevant no matter who you are or where you are, whether you’re happy or sad, in or out of love, young or old. it contains some of my favorite quotes of all time. i’d list them here but it would literally end up being the entire book so you should just go read it/re-read it.

full disclosure: i didn’t intend for this to be a petit four. i glued two scraps of leftover red velvet sheet cake together with cream cheese frosting because i was too lazy to bake a whole cake, and then i posted a photo of it and molly dubbed it a “petit four petit prince,” so i’m going to act like that’s what i had in mind the whole time.

the decorations are made of fondant — you could definitely use marzipan or modeling chocolate, but i used fondant because it hardens quickly and takes well to food coloring. the asteroid is elevated with toothpicks and the sand is golden oreo crumbs.

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