frankenstein cake


just like frankenstein’s monster, this cake is composed of a bunch of stuff shoved together into one whole. i opted to use leftover cake scraps instead of human and animal parts, though, and i think my creation turned out a bit better than dr. frankenstein’s.

i always have tons of leftovers in my freezer after a big week of catering, so i usually make a smash cake like this to use them up. this one has a base layer of cookie dough brownies, then honey cake, then chocolate cake, then some super-smooshed vanilla cupcakes. i have yet to come across a smash cake with flavors that don’t work well together!! this one tastes better than ever.

to assemble, line a metal cake ring with parchment paper and place a cake board in the bottom. shove in some cake scraps to form the first layer. spread on some frosting with a spoon, then repeat with more cake scraps! freeze for at least 6 hours, then peel off the parchment paper and enjoy.



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