doughboys cake


i’ve spent the past month working my way through the sixty odd episodes of doughboys, a podcast in which the two hosts (mike mitchell and nick wiger) critique chain restaurants. it’s incredible. they are the pete wells of the fast food world. each episode features a guest and a restaurant, and consists of an hour and a half of bickering, analyzing food, and ranting about random shit.

i thought a cheeseburger cake would be appropriate because they eat SO MANY CHEESEBURGERS. here’s how i did it:

  • for the top and bottom buns, i sliced a 6-inch vanilla cake round in half and covered each half with ivory fondant. i brushed the top bun with water and sprinkled on sesame seeds. if you’d like a golden, shiny, brioche-looking bun, mix some ivory food coloring with a little bit of vodka and brush it onto the fondant.
  • for the burger patty, i covered a thin 6-inch chocolate cake round in chocolate fondant and brushed it with cocoa powder.
  • the cheese is a large square of yellow-orange fondant.
  • the lettuce is strips of green fondant.
  • the tomatoes are rounds of red fondant. don’t worry about adding too many details because they’re mostly covered by the bun. i just painted the edges with red gel food coloring to make them look more realistic.
  • for the pickles, cut small rounds of light green-colored fondant. roll thin strips of dark green fondant and wrap them around the rounds. use a toothpick to add ridges, then add some tiny white fondant balls for seeds.
  • for the red onion, roll out a piece of white fondant. paint the surface with burgundy food coloring, then leave it to dry. cut it into thin strips and stack them on top of each other. curve the stacks into crescents.
  • i made the figurines out of fondant and attached them to the top bun with toothpicks.

listen to doughboys!! make this cake!!!!!!!

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