tomato can birthday cakes







wanna know a secret? momofuku milk bar is a cult! it’s one of the better ones – lots of jimbo cakes (what) and bagel bombs and not so many human sacrifices – but there’s still a pretty weird vibe going on there.  hundreds (thousands?) of eager head scarf-ed employees assembling crack pies, hoping to catch a glimpse of queen compost cookie.

i first heard about the milk bar while listening to npr (shocker)! christina tosi was the special guest on ask me another, and she talked all about buying mass amounts of cornflakes and milk for a few cents and then selling them in teeny tiny bottles for five dollars. well, she didn’t say that, but that’s what i got from it. i mean, props to her for dreaming up the cereal milk thing! she even has ‘cereal milk’ trademarked!

it really is a great store. i wish i could’ve tried every flavor of cookie and truffle and CAKE. cake-wise, i thought that the unfrosted exterior might make for a dry-ass crumb, but i was very wrong. the layers are soaked with vanilla milk to keep the already-moist-cake even moister. the the four components of the cake marry together beautifully.

i didn’t want to order a cake ring from amazon, so i lined a tomato can with the acetate that i got from my milk bar class to ensure clean edges. you probably don’t have acetate, so just sub in a piece of parchment paper.

here’s what i did:

1. made this birthday cake recipe in a half sheet pan. i used canola oil instead of grapeseed, and all butter instead of shortening.

2. made the soak, frosting, and crumbs. i omitted the glucose and citric acid from the frosting, and subbed cream cheese in for the shortening.

3. removed the top and bottom from a 28 oz tomato can, washed it, and lined it with acetate. the rest of the assembly instructions are included in the birthday cake recipe! i found that it made about 3 1/2 can-size cakes. the 1/2 cake was mostly scraps forced together and frozen.

enjoy with a big glass of cereal milk!!!

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