tomato can birthday cakes







here’s what i did:

1. made this birthday cake recipe in a half sheet pan. i used canola oil instead of grapeseed, and all butter instead of shortening.

2. made the soak, frosting, and crumbs. i omitted the glucose and citric acid from the frosting, and subbed cream cheese in for the shortening.

3. removed the top and bottom from a 28 oz tomato can, washed it, and lined it with acetate. the rest of the assembly instructions are included in the birthday cake recipe! i found that it made about 3 1/2 can-size cakes. the 1/2 cake was mostly scraps forced together and frozen.

enjoy with a big glass of cereal milk!!!

4 thoughts on “tomato can birthday cakes

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    Zena Lerman

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