happy sunday!


is it even sunday? i’ve settled into a blissful summer stupor that includes (but is not limited to) ignoring the days of the week, watching the price is right, forgetting that makeup is a thing, and eating way too many of these cookie dough brownies.

i’m currently in new jersey to celebrate my grandparents’ 80th and 93rd birthdays (yes, they have the same birthday). in that great jewish way, they argue incessantly and are still head-over-heels for each other. we were also able to take a day trip into brooklyn so i could take a class at THE MOMOFUKU MILK BAR!!! i made The Most Beautiful birthday cake and The Most Delicious truffles. unfortunately, bumpy new york streets + a melty three-layer cake = one big funfetti mess. i ate (all of) the (delicious) evidence, but i wish i could’ve gotten a few good pictures of my masterpiece before its blight.

here’s some blogspiration for the week!

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