big mac(aron)


these would be good for a weirdly themed party. maybe some ironic hipster kickback where all the grub is fast food from scratch? or an american girl doll mcdonald’s tea party?

unnamed-5 10.32.41 AMunnamed-4 10.32.41 AMunnamed-3 10.32.41 AMunnamed-6 10.32.43 AM

makes two dozen big macs

i used a basic macaron recipe tinted with cocoa powder for the bun, topped it with a slice of fondant cheese and some dyed green coconut lettuce, then piped on a chocolate ganache patty and red icing ketchup. a few sesame seeds complete the look!

unnamed-2 10.32.41 AM

for the big mac box, i printed out and assembled this template. serve these alongside sugar cookie tacos from ‘taco bell!’

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