happy friday!

this week was long and cold and stressful! but it’s over! yay!!


last saturday was my birthday, and I celebrated by FINALLY trying out willow bird baking’s coconut cake. i decorated it with teeny tiny gold stars and a marzipan moon (shoutout to sara for the moon cookie cutter, she pretty much bought me every product in a.c. moore for my birthday). detailed post coming soon.


i slept through the super bowl after consuming most of this ‘snack stadium.’ refried beans, salsa, lime-y guacamole, sour cream, and (drumroll please) slim jim field goals! i was cheering for the seahawks just so i could say “go sea-guacs” while eating this, if that gives you any insight on my interest in sports.


my undying love for poptarts has gotten out of control, thanks to their new pb & j flavor. i highly recommend them toasted and smeared with (more) peanut butter.


i’ve been working my way through this book all week! it’s amazing. i’ll leave you with a quote by gary shteyngart, praising ‘sous chef‘ – “a good cook chooses ingredients carefully, just as a writer must select the right words. michael gibney is a word cook of the highest order, and this book will leave you licking your fingers.”

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