monday blues


Last year, one of my friends made me a little picture book entitled ‘The Jew Who Loved Christmas.” The book illustrates my inner conflict over staying faithful to my religion [Judaism] versus celebrating a holiday that I really love [Christmas]. My situation worsens when my pet cat and dog bully me for being so indecisive, and the book ends abruptly when I decide to drop both Christmas and Hanukkah to focus on the Chinese New Year.


Pretty weird but I love it!! Finding the book put me in the mood to make a snowy, star-sprinkled Christmas cake, so I did. I made this honey loaf with brown sugar and cream cheese buttercream and topped it with powdered sugar, edible stars, and an origami tree.


Mondays can be miserable! It’s okay! Christm- I mean Hanukkah is in fifteen days!

  • Yay for peaceful protests, yay for UNC.
  • It’s too late for this now, but next year I’ll be sure to pay Momofuku Milk Bar a visit and get this Thanksgiving croissant. 

One thought on “monday blues

  1. Hey Sweetie,

    Love your blog and your baked goods look amazing! Karl is impressed as well.

    You always loved Christmas. I remember when you were about about 5 (or younger) and you made Twinkle a Christmas stocking.

    This is one of my favorite times of the year and especially when there’s snow. I am officially allowed to play Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving (Karl’s rule—ha ha). I get my use out of my Pandora subscription at this time of year.

    Just spent the last week cross country skiing almost every day and now the dogs are SO tired! Somehow I don’t think they’ll mind the break when I go back to work tomorrow—they need some rest.

    Looks like you had a fun Thanksgiving trip.

    Love you lots.

    Keep blogging!


    Laurie >

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