ox and rabbit

In school, they always give us the writing prompt that says, “Write about a special place in your house. It should be somewhere you can go where you feel safe and at home, somewhere that makes you happy. For example, your bedroom, closet, kitchen, etc.”

Here’s the problem.

My special place isn’t in my house. My special place is Ox and Rabbit.


That’s Bryan, the owner. He doesn’t like pictures.


That’s Cameron. She likes pictures.

I’ve been coming to Ox and Rabbit since it opened, and the combination of cheerful atmosphere, mouth-watering milkshakes (try the chocolate root beer like oh my god), and amazing workers never fail to cheer me up.


^^^ time lapse.

Now for a subject I don’t like to think about. Bryan and Erin are selling Ox and Rabbit.

WHAT?! You can’t just sell my second home!

This is the place where I have played countless games of cards, made good friends, choreographed dances, made huge decisions (with advice from Bryan), and so much more.


But I know that whoever they sell it to, whoever inherits this store, will take good care of it.

So thank you Bryan, Erin, Kate, Amanda, Sarah, Sophie, everyone who has helped make Ox and Rabbit what it is.

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