deep-dish granny smith chicken pot pie with a cheddar crust

deep-dish granny smith chicken pot pie with a cheddar crust

makes four servings This autumnal entrée takes everything you thought you knew about apple pie and throws it out the window. There's no cinnamon, no nutmeg, no sprinkling of turbinado sugar to make for a caramelized crust. Instead, we're taking onions, thyme, and sautéed chicken and sealing them in a flaky, buttery, made-from-scratch dough. I pressed the [...]

chicken and roasted brussels sprouts panini with shaved parmesan and caramelized onions

makes 4 panini  What do you think of when you hear "brussels sprouts?" If limp, grayish-green, over boiled mini cabbages come to mind, then your world is about to change. Roasting this universally hated vegetable gives them a kick that will make you buy them by the barrel. This panini was discovered by taking everything [...]

open-faced chicken and sweet potato sandwich

makes two open-faced sandwichesI discovered this sandwich one night when we were having each of the separate components for dinner. Grilled chicken, hand-cut sweet potato fries with honey mustard dipping sauce, biscuits, and salad. I decided to shove everything onto a biscuit because..what's the worst that could happen? Surprisingly, every flavor was complimentary to the [...]