cocoa cinnamon cake

cocoa cinnamon cake

there's this little coffee shop here in durham called cocoa cinnamon. i've actually only been there once (i'm not made of money), but they have the whole industrial chic / exposed brick / gluten-free pastries thing going on. you know the type. apparently, while addressing a DPAC crowd, sarah mclachlan said it had the 'best coffee [...]

mocha soufflé roll with whipped cream and a ribbon of caramel (gluten-free!)

makes ten servingsIt's Passover! The absence of bread gives us an excuse to make this decadent dessert, adapted from The Jewish Holiday Kitchen. First comes an airy chocolate soufflé - don't be intimidated by the word 'soufflé,' it's incredibly easy! Then we make a quick batch of whipped cream and drizzle it in caramel sauce. Add a layer of [...]

milky salted caramel with whipped cream

makes two servingsIndulge!Lowkey copied this recipe from my favorite blogger and favorite person in general, Joy the Baker. This impressive looking dessert is secretly extremely simple. Boil sugar and water, then stir in butter and cream and salt. The whole process takes about five minutes, just make sure you have a good mise en place (french term [...]